Poetry in Motion

Professions have their own jargon, their own slang. In restaurants, items that run out are 86’d and groups of people are tops, harsh and choppy terms to convey information as fast as possible. Agriculture has its own words, but it’s so much more romantic to me than the food service world. Farming has soil, which … Continue reading Poetry in Motion


Let me introduce you to the easiest thing you will ever grow: microgreens. Microgreens are the early shoots of herbs or salad greens, cut when they have their first true leaves. (See picture below). The flavor of these young plants is concentrated, and they make a great item to sell to restaurants as garnish or … Continue reading Microgreens


Enough with the heavy stuff. Let’s get on to squickles. I have a garden full of pumpkins, but I’m not growing my own food right now. I am part of a CSA with my friends Ben & Patricia of In Good Heart Farm, so I’m well-supplied with veggies. Last week we had a LOT of … Continue reading SQUICKLES!


I miss farming. I say that even though I love my job working with farms and chefs to bring local food to diners at a small, wonderful Raleigh restaurant. I had to step back from my agricultural adventures, not unlike I had to step back from graduate school, because I wasn’t sure what I loved … Continue reading Nostalgia

Nutmeg Pecan Sandies

Nutmeg Pecan Sandies photos forthcoming We’re having a bumper pecan year at the Well Fed Community Garden, and we can’t seem to crack them or use them up fast enough. I felt inspired to make a batch of pecan cookies which were promptly devoured by the farm family, but I didn’t feel like the recipe … Continue reading Nutmeg Pecan Sandies

Innovative Horticultural Strategies for a New Permaculture Century

with Chuck Marsh of Useful Plants Nursery in Black Mountain, NC  I knew I’d chosen the right workshop when Chuck Marsh started his presentation on Innovative Horticultural Strategies for a new Permaculture Century with a poem by William Stafford. Chuck then discussed the impending risks of climate change and argued that the horticultural skills needed … Continue reading Innovative Horticultural Strategies for a New Permaculture Century