Hi blog. I’m sorry for the long silence. Not to unduly thrash the proverbial expired equine for my excuses, but there’s been a lot of work and not a lot of time for my usual airy-fairy musings the past few weeks. Lately, the most complex thing on my mind is whether or not I will … Continue reading Moisture

Birds & the Bees

Don’t get your hopes up—this is not that kind of blog. Does anyone know the origins of that euphemism? I suspect it references bees just for the alliterative and metric qualities of the word. Bees are decidedly undersexed creatures. Up to a million of them living in those boxes, and the queen is the only … Continue reading Birds & the Bees

Surrounded by Beauty

Ahoy! I’m still here, but life on the farm has ramped up into overdrive with the fecund bounty of spring. We’re spending a lot of time harvesting and weeding—harvest in the morning, weeding in the afternoon. Afternoons also see bed preparation and transplanting, though that’s dependent on the cooperation of the weather. We had a … Continue reading Surrounded by Beauty