FAQ Nothing—not even genetically engineered organisms—makes me feel more sad about the state of farming in the public conscious than when somebody starts out a question, “I’m sorry to sound like an idiot…” There are questions I hear over and over again, and questions which annoy me a tiny bit, but there are no questions … Continue reading FAQ

Farming in Spring

  Another photo-heavy blog this time around! There’s plenty to say and plenty to do, and we’re all varying degrees of sick. Our markets—Western Wake Farmers’ Market and Clayton Farm and Community Market—both have their big spring openings today, and our Spring CSA began this week, so we have harvested, washed, packed, and sent off … Continue reading Farming in Spring

White Saturday

The nutty weather this past two weeks has me reflecting on how precarious our relationship to nature is. In some ways the history of agriculture is the history of manipulating, working around, and bending nature to human needs. We depend so totally on the rhythms and cycles of our environment, and yet often we feel … Continue reading White Saturday