We’ve had a lot more sunshine around here lately. Enough to finally warrant setting up irrigation in the fall/winter field. Seeding and transplanting and cultivating in preparation for the new CSA season continues to keep us busy. When we have a spare moment, the new round of chickens keeps us laughing as they learn that … Continue reading


FAQ Nothing—not even genetically engineered organisms—makes me feel more sad about the state of farming in the public conscious than when somebody starts out a question, “I’m sorry to sound like an idiot…” There are questions I hear over and over again, and questions which annoy me a tiny bit, but there are no questions … Continue reading FAQ

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Every so often, somebody at the farmers’ market makes the mistake of commenting on how great all this rain must be for the crops. I do my best not to frown thunderously in response. It’s been an incredibly wet year, bordering on our wettest ever. After an embarrassingly long time searching for the exact measurements … Continue reading Rain, Rain, Go Away

Birds & the Bees

Don’t get your hopes up—this is not that kind of blog. Does anyone know the origins of that euphemism? I suspect it references bees just for the alliterative and metric qualities of the word. Bees are decidedly undersexed creatures. Up to a million of them living in those boxes, and the queen is the only … Continue reading Birds & the Bees


“Were you stalking birds?” Ben asked when I came inside from some chore. Um. Yes. I did, in fact, stalk a pair of ruby-crowned kinglets across the yard. I also caught two toads and watched a lizard explore the porch and did yoga in the middle of weeding some spinach as an excuse to lay … Continue reading Fecundity

Weekly Rhythms

Shew. Lots and lots of farm work gets done in between my bouts of navel-gazing. Our weeks have a nice rhythm. At the moment, the latter part of the week—Thursday, Friday, and Saturday—is devoted to harvest and market. Monday through Wednesday tend to be full of seeding, planting, and lots of odds and ends like … Continue reading Weekly Rhythms

Gender, reproductive work, and impression management: post 1/50 million

I think about agriculture and gender* a lot. I mean, obviously: I spent over a year on one paper about female farmers and sustainable/alternative agriculture, and that was a while before I became a woman involved in sustainable/alternative agriculture. The academic and the personal, agriculture and gender all slapped me in the face today as … Continue reading Gender, reproductive work, and impression management: post 1/50 million