Innovative Horticultural Strategies for a New Permaculture Century

with Chuck Marsh of Useful Plants Nursery in Black Mountain, NC  I knew I’d chosen the right workshop when Chuck Marsh started his presentation on Innovative Horticultural Strategies for a new Permaculture Century with a poem by William Stafford. Chuck then discussed the impending risks of climate change and argued that the horticultural skills needed … Continue reading Innovative Horticultural Strategies for a New Permaculture Century

Local Food Feast: Full Listing of Dishes and Farms

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association 29th Annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference 2014 Local Food Feast: Full Listing of Dishes and Farms Winter Squash and Swiss Chard Stew with squash donated by Eastern Carolina Organics –Acorn squash from Cottle Organics –Carnival squash from Fishel’s Organic –Swiss chard from Way of Life Deconstructed Bibb Salad –Bibb lettuce from Shelton … Continue reading Local Food Feast: Full Listing of Dishes and Farms


FAQ Nothing—not even genetically engineered organisms—makes me feel more sad about the state of farming in the public conscious than when somebody starts out a question, “I’m sorry to sound like an idiot…” There are questions I hear over and over again, and questions which annoy me a tiny bit, but there are no questions … Continue reading FAQ


Hi blog. I’m sorry for the long silence. Not to unduly thrash the proverbial expired equine for my excuses, but there’s been a lot of work and not a lot of time for my usual airy-fairy musings the past few weeks. Lately, the most complex thing on my mind is whether or not I will … Continue reading Moisture

Weekly Rhythms

Shew. Lots and lots of farm work gets done in between my bouts of navel-gazing. Our weeks have a nice rhythm. At the moment, the latter part of the week—Thursday, Friday, and Saturday—is devoted to harvest and market. Monday through Wednesday tend to be full of seeding, planting, and lots of odds and ends like … Continue reading Weekly Rhythms

So What Do You Do?

We’ve had a couple of weeks of nasty Saturday weather, and we’ve heard many of our dear friends and customers thank us for making the trip to market. Their gratitude is appreciated, but the truth is we’re the grateful ones: During CSA off-periods, market is where we make money. Without customers who are willing to … Continue reading So What Do You Do?

White Saturday

The nutty weather this past two weeks has me reflecting on how precarious our relationship to nature is. In some ways the history of agriculture is the history of manipulating, working around, and bending nature to human needs. We depend so totally on the rhythms and cycles of our environment, and yet often we feel … Continue reading White Saturday

Rapunzel’s Breakfast

My mother is a fantastic storyteller. When my sister and I were little, one of our favorite bedtime stories was Rapunzel. My mother told us the traditional version of Rapunzel: That Rapunzel’s mother craved the lettuce growing in the witch-neighbor’s garden while she was pregnant, and Rapunzel’s father was caught stealing the lettuce and forced … Continue reading Rapunzel’s Breakfast