Rain, Rain, Go Away

Every so often, somebody at the farmers’ market makes the mistake of commenting on how great all this rain must be for the crops. I do my best not to frown thunderously in response. It’s been an incredibly wet year, bordering on our wettest ever. After an embarrassingly long time searching for the exact measurements … Continue reading Rain, Rain, Go Away


Hi blog. I’m sorry for the long silence. Not to unduly thrash the proverbial expired equine for my excuses, but there’s been a lot of work and not a lot of time for my usual airy-fairy musings the past few weeks. Lately, the most complex thing on my mind is whether or not I will … Continue reading Moisture

White Saturday

The nutty weather this past two weeks has me reflecting on how precarious our relationship to nature is. In some ways the history of agriculture is the history of manipulating, working around, and bending nature to human needs. We depend so totally on the rhythms and cycles of our environment, and yet often we feel … Continue reading White Saturday